Psychotherapy is a process of treating mental, behavioral, and/or emotional disorder that are creating impairments in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.  Therapy may address specific forms of diagnosable mental illness, everyday problems in managing or maintaining personal relationships, or meeting personal goals.  It typically involves utilization of methods to increase awareness, clarify problems, develop solutions, and generate sustained changes in thinking, feeling, and behaving.  A few general goals include increasing an individualís sense of well being, to better manage subjective discomfort or distress, and to improve interpersonal relationships.  Dr. Ghozali employs a variety of techniques, integrating family systems, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal perspectives to provide individualized treatment strategies unique to the patient and/or family. 

Parenting Coordination

When children are exposed to ongoing conflict between their parents, they are at significant risk for social, academic, and mental health problems.  Parenting coordination can help to reduce conflicts between parents and may shield children from getting stuck in the middle of such conflicts.  Parenting coordination is described as an alternative dispute resolution process combining assessment, education, case management, conflict resolution and, sometimes, decision-making functions.  As a qualified Parenting Coordinator, Dr. Ghozali strives to assist parents by providing education about co-parenting and parental communication, helping parents understand the psychological and developmental needs of the children, developing strategies to manage conflict and reduce the negative effects on children, and helping them work through blended family situations.  Dr. Ghozali might also facilitate referrals to community providers when necessary and collaborate with other professionals who may already be involved with the family.

Parenting coordination is appropriate for high conflict cases involving child-related issues, especially in cases when there is a high rate of litigation concerning the implementation of a time sharing agreement or parenting plan, mediation has not been successful, parents have difficulty communicating with each other about their childís welfare, and/or parents are unable to agree on substantive issues concerning their child.  Dr. Ghozali can help parents resolve child-related issues possibly without need of court involvement and will work to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships. Most importantly, parents can focus on the best interests of their children, rather than on their feelings toward one another.  The process of entering parenting coordination varies.  Sometimes there will be a court order mandating parenting coordination; however, parents can also enter into parenting coordination voluntarily in order to resolve ongoing conflicts.


Psychological tests are designed to examine a variety of cognitive abilities, including general level of cognitive functioning, memory, visual-perceptual-motor skills, speed of information processing, attention, language, and executive functions, which are necessary for goal-directed behavior. Educational evaluations are used to assess for academic difficulties, giftedness, or to help evaluate the basic academic skills of candidates for employment or promotion. In addition, the comprehensive version can be administered to assist with diagnosis of learning disabilities, to help design learning interventions, or to make educational program placement decisions.  Evaluations help clinicians determine appropriate diagnoses, develop appropriate treatment plans, coordinate care with other professionals, and provide insight as to what may be underlying a particular problem. 


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